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MakeUp Lessons

Step-By-Step with Hands-On Instruction

MakeUp Lessons

This 10 hour class gives you the ability to create a contemporary, polished and natural makeup look, using your best colors and the latest professional techniques. The lesson includes a beautiful makeup design with step-by-step, hands-on instruction and a detailed diagram. Students are provided with a manual and professional make-up kit.

The course consists of 10 hours -- 2 hours of class per day (it takes 5 days) and cost $300.  I can be flexible on the times and can schedule based on what fits you best. I like to schedule makeup lessons Monday through Friday, 3:00pm to 8:00pm -- you can choose the 2 hr time slot that best works for you, and if absolutely necessary, we can do more than two hours a day. You will be provided with 21 Professional MakeUp Brush Kit (this is an indispensable tool to perform a flawless makeup, as well as special effects and corrections to refine the face) and a theory manual. 

Topics Discussed in the Theory Manual:

  • How to prepare the skin properly before applying any makeup.
  • How to appropriately manage concealers and foundations and functions, also includes type of concealers and foundations in the market and how to select the perfect one for your skin necessities and skin color.
  • Types of faces and their respective corrections to refine factions and to hide very prominent areas.
  • Eyebrow design -- how to design the perfect eyebrow according your eyes and face shape.
  • Identifying your feature types and how to best take advantage of them.
  • And of course, the latest makeup trends, season colors, and the different methods and techniques on social makeup, which will help you look beautiful and radiant all the time!!!